Person has traveled

“Person has traveled the distance to come and meet the teacher. Now this, you will see, this is how it is. This is the law of karma. When soul got the body, God promised, ‘You shall meet your teacher for a moment.’ That’s the promise which God has to fulfill.
He never said that you will stick with him or her, whatever the case is. He will never say that that person will continue teaching you.  That was not the thing said. ‘You shall meet for a moment your teacher.’
So, distance is there, destiny is there. If you travel the distance, you’ll meet the teacher. You’ll recognize or you not, that’s your choice; you miss it. If you recognize then comes two things: You work it out or you didn’t work it out–that’s your choice. You accept or you deny — that’s your choice. You obey or you disobey — that’s your choice. Because law of dharma is ‘obey, serve, love and excel.'” – Yogi Bhajan