Yogi Bhadjan


Although Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science, it was not taught publicly until 1969, when Yogi Bhajan brought the teachings to the West.

As the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan taught that Kundalini Yoga is designed to be practiced by modern-day people leading modern-day lives. It is a scientific system based on experience, commitment and universality. It combines body, breath, mind, spirit, nerves, glandular system and neurological essence of the brain. Kundalini Yoga is a fast and powerful way to recharge the body, and is designed to awaken new levels of consciousness that help us prevail over adversity and challenges. Once we are free from depression, we are free to make an impression–upon ourselves, upon those we love, and upon this earth.

Ont of  the main aim of this practice is to awaken the consciousness and rise it to new levels of existence in order to help people to cope well with their problems and challenges. Once we are liberated from depression we become free and strong in our influence to ourselves, to our loved ones and to the life on this planet. Yogi Bhajan – Kundalini Yoga Master – taught that happiness is our birth right. He said: “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.”

Harijiwan Singh Khalsa


Harijiwan Singh Khalsa (Los Angeles) has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1975.  For many years Harijiwan directly served his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, while traveling the world extensively with him. This opportunity, to study with and observe a living master, provided him with invaluable insight into the nature of consciousness and the human condition, as well as a thorough understanding of the impact, interplay and significance of the various planetary and inter-planetary energy fields.

He is available for consulting, face reading, meditation and yoga, hypnosis, gong intensives and workshops for personal transformation and increased projection of intention. With over 30 years of experience in the science of Kundalini yoga, Harijiwan incorporates a vast knowledge of various methodologies and training into his practice. His insight and application of this technology is unique offering the participant a chance to fully benefit from the multiple aspects of these ancient, yet timely teachings

Today, and throughout his years as a teacher and healer, Harijiwan remains committed to expanding his knowledge and experience to provide his students and clients with the most progressive, effective, self-empowering approaches that increase over-all joy and wholeness within the context of every day experiences. He teaches the art which he himself mastered – the art to create the space which changes and uplifts people.

“The quality of a great master you should rather understand is the negative people will negate him, the positive people will love him because he is a balance of darkness and light within himself. A man who is not negated and slandered is not a perfect master. Don’t misunderstand that, because he has a magnetic field to attract the negative and the positive alike. The negative will get attracted to him and they will do their negative things. The positive will do their positive things. And there will be a very positive balance around him. That is why people with weaker faith will run away, people with faster faith will stick. And it is an automatic test of the personality.” -Yogi Bhajan

“Look for the One who can integrate the totality of the Infinite within the reality of finite of the Self and still laugh.”
-Yogi Bhajan


Тейдж Каур Кхалса

Тедж Каур Халса обучалась у Йоги Бхаджана с начала 1970-х годов. Она является хранителем архива учений Йоги Бхаджана и признанным авторитетом в области йогических знаний. Принимала участие в многочисленных публикациях Йоги Бхаджана в качестве расшифровщика, редактора и составителя, включая серию статей «Женский лагерь», «72 истории о Боге, добре и благах» и «Прикосновение мастера». Имеет степень магистра консультирования и много лет работала над перепиской Йоги Бхаджана, получив от него обширную подготовку по вопросам консультирования по йоге. Ее уроки – это возможность глубочайших  погружений  в медитативные переживания и получить огромное количество  тонких знаний Кундалини йоги. Многие говорят о Тейдж – “Затмевающая все огромная сердечная чакра”

Gurujas Kaur Khalsa


Gurujas  Kaur Khalsa  (Los Angeles) is a teacher and a musician, lead singer in “White Sun” group. She teaches that Kundalini Yoga is an experientially-based system–a science of joy, fulfillment and love. She also believes that happiness is a vibrational frequency, and can be an enduring state of being.

Her songs come from the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan – each one an avenue to experience the infinite energy contained therein. It is in this pure energy field of naad yoga that we conquer our imagined disabilities and experience the flow of universal consciousness. Recently, In August, 26 the 2ndWhite Sun” album was published with a great success – in a few weeks it occupied the first positions in many music charts: 1st places on Billboard, iTunes and Amazon. Thanks to the subtlest work with the sound the album now has become Grammy Winner as the “Best New Age Album”.

Gurujas has been a part of two dozen teacher training courses, and teaches Kundalini Yoga in the U.S. and abroad. She studies under her teacher Harijiwan, who received the science of Kundalini Yoga from the Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan. She travels the world with him, chanting, teaching, and practicing

www.gurujas.com, www.whitesun.com

GRAMMY® Award Winner 2017
White Sun II – Best New Age Album

You can listen the album here:   http://harijiwan-europe.com/muzyka/


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