О линии передачи

Несколько видео учителей о важном.   

Год глобальных перемен

Удивительное время нам выпало – скорость и радикальность планетарных изменений зашкаливает. В июле 2020 произошли два события, одно за другим. 

White Sun III album is arrived.

23 мантры – 23 записи  прекрасной целительной музыки – White Sun III 

Yessss!!!!! GRAMMY Award for “Best New Age Album” 2017 comes to White Sun

 No words, just a great joy for this award.  This highest award from musical world is a result of many years..



Mantra as Medicine: A Conversation with White Sun’s Gurujas

Music so powerful that it wins a Grammy and the attention of UCLA researchers doesn’t just happen by chance. LA YOGA magazine had taken interview of Gurujas.



Interview with Gurujas Kaur Khalsa – “White Sun” lead singer, 2017-Grammy nominee

We’ll wait February 12 – the day of Grammy Awards ceremony. Now let’s read interviews about how to create a White Sun II album


The Album “White Sun II” has become Grammy Nominee !!



White Sun II is one of the best New Age albums

The new album  of White Sun is still on the top in musical New Age charts.