International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training «Aquarian Teacher». Level Two, KRI Programm

The Level Two is dedicated to personal transformation, expansion of qualities, strength of character and awareness of Kundalini Yoga  teacher .   At this level  you can develop intuition, neutrality and self-control. 
The second level includes 5 modules (62 hours each) of a certain subject.
Teachers who have completed  and certified Level  One are invited  on  Level Two. Pay attention that  according to KRI rules, on Level One must be taken with  the same teacher,   but  being at Level Two you get a choice:  you can takeall the modules with the same teacher or with different teachers. At the Level Two KRI recommends to “try”  energies of different teachers. The order of the modules is not important.


Level II modules

  • Conscious communication. Spring 2020
  • Life cycles and life style. Autumn 2020
  • Authentic relationship. 13 – 19. November. 2018
  • Vitality and stress.  21 – 27 . May. 2019
  • Mind and meditation. Autumn 2019

“Conscious communications”

The module is dedicated to conscious communication. In the Age of Aquarius, the sensitivity of people develops, and at the same time they are under increasing pressure. They do not tolerate communication, which is filled with internal conflicts, duality and division of personality. They want to trust the communication with you. You must become a master of communication. Each word has its own soul and its own electro-magnetic field, which determines its strength, impact and ability to be heard. “Live your every day to elevate yourself, and every day elevate people around you. Let the aspiration to uplift become your religion – and you will reach Infinity …. “/ Yogi Bhajan /.

In this module there are many topics – harmonious communication, working with sound, listening and ability to listen, the power of word impact, the power of presence, intuitive speech and the language of silence …

“Vitality and Stress

Kundalini yoga educates in each of us a teacher who acts on the basis of his fearless spirit, high caliber and vitality, which allows you to go through any crises. We must develop a core skill for the coming era – the ability to recognize stress in ourselves and in others and the ability to transform it. This course provides an opportunity to consider carefully how we react to stress, coping and transforming it in our lives.

We will identify our own stress
We will build our own core of vitality, mental stamina and spiritual clarity
We will explore the process, the consequences and the downside of stress
We will talk about strategies that can cope with stress and level out its consequences.

We can even come to understand that the time of changes and crises in our lives is worthy of love. We will find contact with our inner spiritual warrior, who is both a leader, a healer, and a teacher. Finally, we will communicate with other teachers and learn how we can build our community to become more perfect in times of turbulent change from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius.

As a teacher, each of us should become an expert on the topic of stress and a guide for people in the search for their own vitality, mental endurance and spiritual reality. This course is based on the basic affirmation, which is perceived by our consciousness and is aimed at overcoming the challenge and development through transformation. For the course “Vitality and Stress” it is as follows:

“I develop my vitality and dignity and use all the opportunities that come with every breath I take – and accept them as a gift. I realize the value of my physical and energetic bodies and do everything to preserve and maintain their health. I develop and achieve prosperity under the influence of stress and change. I am a spiritual warrior who leads people, elevates them and shares effective solutions. I follow a life style that combines habits to maintain vitality and success. I have mental and spiritual stability in order to go through any crisis and be for others a beacon to find my way and prosper in the Age of Aquarius. “

“Life cycles & lifestyle”

The life of every person sways on the waves of the great processes of being – “biorhythms of life”, as Yogi Bhajan called them. 80% of what happens  in people’s life happens automatically. You change every 7 years – this is a programmed wave of the brain that is not subject to your influence. You can think, plan, choose a strategy, but every 11 years your intellect will change, and this can not be controlled. And every 18 years your life style will change, because your energy changes.

And, nevertheless, at each moment of time there is a powerful hidden potential to make another – a meaningful choice. The grain of this course is Transformation, the goal is to give a person a chance to deeper and thinner to realize his essence. This is akin to a mirror in which the life of each of you and your environment will be more clearly and clearly reflected. This course will show how life cycles, established habits affect your life and control you.

 “You go to your destiny through the trials of destiny” – Yogi Bhajan.

This course is designed to improve your energy compass – the ability to clearly understand yourself at any point in your life. You will learn how to work with your energy field, feel it and shape it in the context of your current life cycle.

Join us, and together we will create a strong energy field that will raise and expand the energy capabilities of everyone, opening access to the deep subtle wisdom of ancient science.

“Authentic relationships”

The transformation of consciousness allows you to understand how your energy moves through you and your relationships with people. This vision of energy dynamics in relationships with other people gives you the ability to interact with the flow of your own energy and move it in a more harmonious direction.

Your relationship with the world consists of a combination of energies – the energy sent from you to people, places and things, and the energy you have received from outside – from people, places and things. If the transmitted energy has a high vibrational frequency, a person experiences a positive flow and joy in his life. But we were not taught how to recognize, receive and generate high-frequency energy: we are used to getting confused in our own subconscious emotional patterns, in the patterns of the environment and other people.

– learn to distinguish which frequencies you take from the source of Infinite expansion or subliminal constraints,
– to recognize when you pass your negative subconscious thought forms that magnetically attract similar, often reinforced forms to you.

 Each of the six days of the training is aimed at awakening the unused energy so you can generate a pranic force that allows you to get rid of old debilitating thoughts and projections and communicate from a clear elevated space.

True relationships begin when you accept the natural polarities within yourself and in other people, and learn how to interact with them creatively, without resistance or fear. Such relations support and supplement each other. To find this authenticity, we must travel inside our own Soul, clean out the subconscious blocks that lead us astray, and discover the unique rhythm and flow of our own energy field that will enable us to communicate with the world at a higher frequency.

 “Mind and Meditation”

                  “The mind has a subtle nature, it is woven into the fabric of our life … Mind is real and practical, it is always with us …. There are two ways to deal with the mind: either the mind obeys you, or you obey your mind …. The body and the human brain have incredible abilities. But what happens if you do not build a relationship with your mind? Then you will be governed by habits. How can you achieve a perfect relationship with the mind? It is for this that we meditate. In meditation, you begin to realize that there is your own world. There is a world of your mind, and your world is. In your world … the mind is your servant, not the master. That’s why we practice Kundalini yoga. … »/ Yogi Bhajan /

Level Two certification requirements  of KRI

Level Two modules can be taken in any order, with the same or different teachers working in KRI system.  Not faster than 2 years for all 5 modules. For certification after every passed module participants must carry out homework in small groups within 2-3 months. Materials for work small groups will be given during the training and sent immediately after the module.

After fulfilling all the certification requirements of each module of Level Two , you receive document confirming  your completing. After passing all 5 modules of the Level Two, upon your request KRI issues a certificate of completion of the Level Two teacher training.

    Completion of an advanced Level Two course (all 5 modules) entitles you to enter the KRI Academy (under the leadership of Harijiwan), after which the person is authorized to conduct teacher training independently, that is, becomes a teacher of teachers.

For registration on Level Two and getting details, please, send  us:  

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