Ramzia Yumasheva, Tyumen

We go through different situations in our life: good and bad and sometimes very serious. Not learned lessons continue to repeat many times. If we don’t realize or don’t work over something we do not pass our exam for maturity and everything goes in circle again and again. But there is other scenario of our life which exists – through consciousness which we can discover due to unique technology of Kundalini Yoga. Fortunately, we meet not only tasks and lessons in our lives which we need to solve but also happy things and destiny presents. Acquaintance with Kundalini Yoga became such a present for me. Kundalini Yoga is not only my lifestyle and unique tool which allows me to change myself and grow but it’s also my work, communication with sangat, opportunity to learn from radiant and wonderful Teacher Harijiwan and from his student Gurujas – delicate young lady with strong character and beautiful voice. They cannot leave hearts of people untouched. I’m grateful to my destiny and to that lucky case which brought me to Harijiwan training, to the Teacher who amazingly devoted to the Teachings.

With love, Ramzia.