Olesia Kim, Moscow

Sat Nam, my dear! My story of visiting trainings is very interesting. First time I came for the weekend to study with Harijiwan and Teij in 2014. It seemed to me that yogis which I saw at the training were people from the other reality. I was not at one wave with them. Everything annoyed me. Kryias were very long, meditations were boring. My fears and blocks started to get out. My leg started to hurt and I got home with big difficulties. When I came back to Moscow I went to traumatologist – orthopedist as my legs were in a strong pain. But I continued doing my regular yoga practice.

When I was leaving the training organizers told me that I would be back. How could they feel it? Me? Never! What do I need it for? I would need it if I would going to teach. But I’m not going to teach! That was the way I talked to myself. But the next time when I received the information about training I booked the room and went for the whole week. Immersing myself into the weekly retreat I started to feel kryias and meditations and myself! And I went to the other training in spring! And in autumn! Now these trainings are in my long-term plans. We have to use this opportunity while such a Teacher with powerful and pure energy comes to Russia! And while he has such a devoted to the Teachings team with him! What these trainings gave and continue giving me? I lost a lot of masks. I accept myself and others. It became so interesting to live! I’m not limited any more by life scenarios, parent’s settings and society schemes. Many fears disappeared and many blocks were dissolved. I started to fell subtle things, notice much more. I learned how to live without criticizing and estimating. Love came to my life. Wish to share kindness of hurt, wisdom of teachings, such simple and effective technology brought me to the teacher’s place. And these are striking discoveries! I wonder and rejoice of each new day and with pleasure live through each moment of life. Due to every breath, which we simply receive! With my great respect to Harijiwan Singh Khalsa, to all team of teachers and team of organizers, Olesya Kim/Jasdevta Kaur

In October 2016:

I’m racing to my Teacher, to sole mates, to the light space of high vibrations where transformations wait for me. The most wonderful thing is that nobody promises miracles and fairy tales after. But you go because the soul calls. Soul knows where it should be and whatever changes would come after, I need this deep experience right now. And I have enough power inside to live through everything that will come to me. The most important thing is to choose the energy for yourself – love or fear. And I always feel the energy of love flow in which I ‘m dwelled. Hug everybody!