I have dealt recently with several clients who have had the similar problem of being caught in a negative vibratory field after contact with a person or place. This is becoming a more common occurrence and we need to know how to avoid this situation.

We are in a time of great planetary change and these changes are playing out on many levels. A high stakes inter-dimensional battle for survival is being waged by the Dark Energies who have held sway over this planet in the dark age of the Kali Yug. We are inundated with artificially induced bio-electric conditions of depression and dread that are amplified by the media through a series of contrived ominous events designed to keep us in increasing states of fear and worry. This proliferating negativity is intensified by the anxiety that comes from the disorientation caused by the “thinning of the veils” between the various levels of reality. Many of us are experiencing increased psychic abilities as a result of these higher frequency energies, and this is making us more aware of and sensitive to the negative forces.

Everything on the planet has a magnetic frequency. Visualize this as pools of energy, some positive and uplifting, others negative and destructive. As we move through this vast magnetic field we inevitably encounter the lower negative destructive energies. The art of living is to be able to process these energies so the negative forces do not begin to “spin” us and cause our personal realm to move in a destructive painful pattern.

Let us examine the situation where you think you are being drawn into a negative whirlpool of energy when dealing with another person. Yogi Bhajan’s teaching on this is: Remember the central idea of the person you are in contact with. The individual has three basic needs, 1.) To promote selfish interests, 2.) To advance control, 3.) Redress grievances. The person will be angry, rash, or diplomatic. These are the negatives. The only way out is to understand what track the person is on.

Listen patiently. Observe, assess the situation. But distance yourself. The person is living their life, expressing their own energy. Allow them to do so. Be aware of what track they are on. They want to angle this track into us, and we need to know how to change the angle. Remember, we learn the science of angles from Kundalini yoga. The way we get sucked in, entangled, lose our balance, and open ourselves to the negativity, is we get involved with it. Instead of respecting the other person as a human being, as a fellow being having an experience, we relate to what our Connection is with this person: this is where the mistake is made. When we try to connect, we are trying to have our way. We are trying to have OUR relationship with the energy: This is “my way.” My connection with this energy. I can connect with this person because of an aspect of their personality or situation that is similar to my own. Or, I can “heal” them—have them express their energy the way I want them to, the way I would. When we connect in these ways, we do it because we don’t feel whole, complete within ourselves. We have not opened ourselves to the infinite expression of our own energy; so we seek what we feel we lack in the outer world. We become needy. We don’t accept the other person; we want something from them. We want to change them. We don’t open a healing space and allow healing to occur—we want to heal, we want to do something. This neediness creates an imbalance, and this imbalance exposes us to forces, fellow travelers from the dark side, who dilute our light and create pain in our lives.

When we enter into these spaces, and we all do, the mantra that removes the negativity from us and the environments is 



Play it, especially at night when sleeping, when we are more vulnerable to the dark forces. Drink more water to balance the emotional body. Walk barefoot on the earth to release negative energy, and re-balance and rejuvenate/

The meditation that Yogi Bhajan gave to remove negative vibrations picked up from others and to withdraw physical energy from a situation is

Sit in easy pose. Presume you are involved with an unhappy problem (anything that has bothered you, even for months). Keep your spine erect. Close your eyes. Now,

Think about how miserable it is making you in relation to your personal existence.
Think about how miserable it is making you in relation to your worldly existence.
Think about how miserable it is making you in relation to your spiritual existence.

If your spiritual existence ceases, your entire life force becomes weak and dim.
Start reversing.

Think that you are an image of the Supreme Consciousness.

(God—Divine—Creative Force).

Think that you have universality in relation to this world as your right, and that you are positively protected by this force. (The sign of this force and its existence in you is that you are breathing.) Therefore, there is no way for you to be trapped in negative, unhappy thoughts.

Close your right nostril with your right thumb.

Inhale as deeply as possible through your left nostril.

Exhale as deeply as possible through your left nostril.

Repeat exactly 25 times.

Can you ever now feel the same?

There is a simple logic to the profound wisdom we need to navigate the many challenges in our lives. Amidst the multi-dimensional planetary transformation, the only real protection is to be operating from our own highest frequency, to dwell in an aura of light and love, and to use the tools of Kundalini yoga to move gracefully through the shifting times?