The immaculate beauty of “White Sun II”

ws-iWhite Sun’s music is bliss. The gentle celestial symphonies swirl about with a serene grandeur. Cascades of elegant guitars cradled by tender keyboard pads are infused with the distinctive tonal colors of tabla, kora, gong, and fiddle. The balanced blend creates a sparkling, magical expanse that serves as the perfect environment to showcase the transcendent beauty of Gurujas immaculate vocals.

Yesterday, August 26 – on Yogi Bhajan’s birthday – this remarkable ensemble of musical healers released their sophomore album, White Sun II. The cleansing opus of serenity was masterfully created. Every detail from the writing and the arranging to the production and the performance was fine-tuned to perfection.

“I didn’t write any of the lyrics,” Gurujas confessed. “They were pre-written for me by saints, sages, and yogis 5,000 years ago.”

The lyrics to White Sun’s songs are mantras – phrases that are repeated to help with meditation.

“You have the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind,” Gurujas explained. “The unconscious mind is what pumps the heart, what makes the lungs move, and what makes the liver function. Things like that. The conscious mind is you and me talking right now – we can have this conversation and we can make decisions. The subconscious mind is the dumping ground for unprocessed thoughts. When you have those weird dreams where you are being chased by a tiger or something like that, those dreams come from the subconscious. They come from the vibrations of the unprocessed thoughts that have been dumped into our subconscious mind.”

“What happens with most people is the subconscious mind gets overloaded,” she continued. “You can take a shower to clean your body, but we don’t have any tools to clean our subconscious mind… except for meditations and these mantras. When you listen to mantras, your subconscious mind is getting clean. You start to feel better as these things leave you – things that have possibly been with you your whole life. Maybe you got angry at some point or maybe you were embarrassed and those feelings have stayed with you. These mantras will remove the negativity from your subconscious.”

Gurujas told AXS that White Sun definitely has a built-in audience of people who already practice Kundalini Yoga. However, the band also has fans who have no idea what Kundalini Yoga is. Those people just listen because they like the music.

“I think we’re making good music. People like our music because it appeals to them in some way. But there are also people who are attracted to it because it is affecting them on a deeper level. I think for each person, it’s a different experience. Mantras have a vibratory frequency that doesn’t exist in pop music, so there are all kinds of magical, mystical things that start to happen to people when they listen.”

Yogi Bhajan is a Master of Kundalini Yoga. He is the one responsible for bringing it to the West nearly half a century ago. Yogi Bhajan has said that some of the mantras are from “off planet” because, five centuries ago, Guru Angad “stole” the alphabet from the heavens and that is why there is so much mysticism surrounding these yogic mantras.

Gurujas offered many examples of people whose lives were positively impacted because of White Sun’s music. She talked about a billionaire who started listening to a track off of their first album and the next day he finalized a $10 million deal. There was a 40-year-old man who played a track while he slept and it cleansed him of the anger that he had been carrying around since childhood. And, she talked about a boy who used the music to vanquish his night terrors. With such incredible life-changing power, it only makes sense that White Sun has its share of fans who are of somewhat notable stature.

“Yes, we have celebrities who listen to our music,” Gurujas acknowledged. “There’s one lady who is a big celebrity and she was having health problems… major health problems. She started listening to the mantras and she completely healed herself. Now, she’s making movies again!”

Another renowned fan is Grammy Award winning artist Janis Ian.

“How does something like that happen? It starts with the music,” Gurujas explained. “Janice really had an appreciation for what we were doing and we obviously had a gigantic appreciation for her contribution to the music industry over the past several decades. She’s incredible! She’s a very giving person who is generous with everything. She is always willing to share stories and to help others. We just became fast friends.”

When asked if there was anything important to close with, Gurujas replied, “Mantras are not lyrics. They are different. They have a vibratory frequency that can clean out peoples’ subconscious minds, heal their bodies, and heal their past traumas. The world needs a healing force like this. People are desperate for it.”

By Allen Foster